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Mustard, Ketchup & Mayo

Mustard, Ketchup & Mayo
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Creamy, tangy and whisked to a feathery lightness, Spectrum Naturals' Organic Soybean Mayonnaise is made from fresh organic ingredients the old-fashioned way.
Creamy, zesty and delicious, Spectrum Canola Mayonnaise is low in cholesterol and rich in heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. Stir it with smashed garlic and a squeeze of lemon for aioli in a snap.
Raye's Hot and Spicy Mustard features coarsely ground brown mustard seeds marinated and blended with spicy yellow mustard and crushed chiles to produce a medium, hot mustard with a zingy after-bite.
Raye's Winter Garden is a milder white mustard with a subtle blend of winter herbs, dill, garlic and celery. This mustard is perfect with fish and chicken. You'll never use tarter sauce again! Use alone with sour cream or mayonnaise as a topping for poached fish, chicken or steamed vegetables.
Raye's Old World Gourmet classic brown mustard will enhance any recipe calling for Dijon country style mustards. It gives wonderful zest to most salad dressing mixes and blends.It is grainy and robust in flavor and is the Granddaddy of today's county Dijon style mustards.
Raye's Sweet and Spicy goes with everything! Spread it on smoked sausages before grilling or broiling them. Use Sweet and Spicy on fish for that added gourmet flavor. Straight out of the bottle it makes a wonderful dip for hors d'oeuvres. Add to meatloaf, mix with brown sugar, spread on corn beef or ham just before it comes out of the oven. Versatile and delicious!
Raye's Brown Ginger Mustard is truly unique! It makes a fantastic fat-free marinade and basting sauce for baking or grilling. It's used as a dip for everything from apples slices to chicken fingers and with pretzels, it has no equal.
Raye's Mustard has been grinding this popular yellow mustard flavor since 1900. It has a full-bodied depth of flavor that is unusual in American style mustard. Down East Schooner once again won the 2006 Napa Valley World-Wide Mustard Competition's Gold Medal as the world's best classic yellow mustard!
Raye's Spicy Horseradish is an exciting flavor blend of mustard and horseradish; both members of the Brassica family that just go together naturally. It's great mixed with mayonnaise as a dip for shrimp or crab. It?s a wonderful addition to spice up potato salad, a perfect marriage with meats and cheese and a spicy seasoning for tomato juice cocktail or Bloody Mary.
Atkins and Potts mayonnaise is made with the classic ingredients of egg yolk, Dijon mustard to thicken it and lemon juice, and white wine vinegar to taste. Perfect in a sandwich, wrap or salad and for countless other meal occasions.
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We've taken our classic mayonnaise and added a good measure of chipotle chili and a little smoked paprika to this to create a spicy, smoky accompaniment for your favorite sausage sandwiches. Try also with chips and fries or as a dip for crudities or even reduced with a little more vinegar as a dressing.
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The zesty, refreshing lemon in this mayonnaise is bound to liven up your chicken sandwich. We've added plenty of lemon juice, zest and oil to our classic mayonnaise and found a perfect partner for a whole host of food. Try also with barbecued prawns, grilled oily fish or even to make a tangy coleslaw.
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Made in the style of traditional Swedish mustards, Lars' Own Mild Yellow Mustard is creamy and flavorful. A traditional companion to Swedish potato sausage, Lars' Own Mild Yellow Mustard will compliment any sausage or sandwich.
Made Swedish style with a unique blend of spices Lars' Own Spicy Brown Mustard is great on sandwiches, in sauces dips and marinades. Lars' Own Spicy Brown Mustard won the Bronze Medal at the prestigious Napa Valley Mustard Competition in 2002.
Mother's Mountain Peppercorn Dijon Mustard is made with Chablis wine. A perfect, low-salt, Dijon mustard in sauces for poultry, fish, meat and cheese.
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