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Mutter Paneer is a delicious medium-hot dish created to sustain the cold winds of North India. Prepared by blending the mouthwatering taste of fresh green peas in a thick sauce with lightly fried paneer (traditional Indian cottage cheese). It makes an excellent main course when served with hot rice naan breads or chapattis. Or serve it as a side accompaniment of Indian meals.
Dal Tadka is a specialty of North India. This scrumptious preparation of lentils with a mixture ofIndian spices can be eaten with curries Indian breads and rice. Lentils are a favorite amongst Indians and they include it in almost every meal theyeat.
Aloo Mutter is a delicious medium-hot dish from the rich pastures of Punjab in Northern India. Blending the mouthwatering taste of fresh green peas in thick sauce with potatoes it makes an excellent main course when served with hot rice naan breads or chapattis. Or serve it as a side accompaniment to Indian meals.
A succulent dish comprised of chick peas tomatoes onions and spices. A quick dinner to prepare just boil the foil packet in water or microwave the contents and serve! This product is free of artificial preservatives colors and flavorings.
From the cold regions of Northern India we bringto you this delightfully traditional mashed aubergine (eggplant) preparation. Roasted to enhance its exotic flavor this delicacy has the pungent goodness of ginger and chillies. Served as a main-course accompanied with rice naan bread chapatti or as a side dish.
The term pulav or pilaf refers to a dish of meat or vegetables cooked with rice can be traced as far back as the second century A.D. This pulav dishis made with green peas and spiked with aromatic cumin. It goes well with any vegetarian dish.
This has always been a highly valued spice. Its origins are in India's Malabar coast. It is an important part of today's gourmet pantry. It is as versatile and loved as saffron and vanilla and can beadded to both savory and sweet dishes. A very pleasing and important spice to have in the pantry. Try to surprise guests with whole cardamoms in the dish. The seeds which posses most of the sweet highly-perfumed citrus fragrance should at their best be black and sticky with essential oil. Cardamom is an expensive spice second only to saffron. Cardamom comes from India Guatemala and Ceylon.
It is one the most widely used spice in Indian cooking. Mexican cooking and MiddleEastern cooking also use it often. It is also a very important element in Indian and ayurvedic cooking and has been used for millennia. North Indian curries and dry vegetables are mostly flavored with whole cumin seeds. Cumin is considered to have digestive properties and is also considered to have cooling properties.
Fennel is mainly grown in Egypt and India. Fennelhas an anise-like flavor but is more aromatic sweeter and less pungent. Fennel Seed added to meatballs or meat loaf gives an authentic Italian flavor. Fennel sometimes form part of garam masala powder. It is not essential to fry fennel powder as itis very aromatic. Used widely in the cuisine of Bulgaria Romania Hungary Greece Turkey Italy France Germany Egypt India and China. Hint: Toasting Fennel Seeds accentuates their flavor. Fennel Seeds (Lucknow). -Small and thin form Fennel seeds split into two, one sometimes remaining on the stalk. They are 4 -8 mm (1/8 - 5/16 in) long, thin and curved, with colour varying from brown to light green (the green being superior). Bouquet: warm, sweet and aromatic. Flavour: similar to a mild anise. The major constituents of Fennel, which include the terpenoid anethole, are found in the volatile oil. Anethole and other terpenoids inhibit spasms in smooth muscles, such as those in the intestinal tract, and this is thought to contribute to fennel's use as a carminative (gas-relieving and gastrointestinal tract cramp-relieving agent). Related compounds to anethole may have mild estrogenic actions, although this has not been proven in humans. Fennel is also thought to possess diuretic (increase in urine production), choleretic (increase in production of bile), pain-reducing, fever-reducing, and anti-microbial actions. The Fennel seeds are used as a flavoring agent in many herbal medicines, and to help disperse flatulence. The seeds, and roots, also help to open obstructions of the liver, spleen & gall bladder, and to ease painful swellings, in addition to helping with yellow jaundice, the gout and occasional cramps.
In many parts of Pakistan and India, roasted fennel seeds are consumed as Mukhwas, an after-meal digestive and breath freshener.
Fenugreek seeds are actually a small legume. Theyhave a unique flavor and is used widely in Indianand the Middle Eastern cuisines. Fenugreek is an annual herb native to the Mediterranean region the Ukraine India and China. It has a slightly bitter taste and must be dry roasted or pan fried. Hint: If roasted to reddish color it becomes too bitter and should be discarded.
Mustard seeds are tiny round brownish-black or purplish-brown seed obtained from annual Indian mustard plan. When mustard seeds are added to hot gheeor oil they pop sputter and turn gray developing a nutty taste in process. They are a very integral part of South and East Indian cuisine.
Cumin is a must for chili con carne and curry. This warm, pleasant, balsamic flavor is also delicious in meatloaf, sausages, vegetables, cheeses, soups, relishes and rice.
This is a blend of Indian Spices. Garam means hot. It is an aromatic blend of several whole spices - cinnamon black cardamom cloves green cardamom. This is also an economical way of buying a little of each spice and mixing and matching them whilecooking.
Madras Curry Powder is the most popular blend of Indian spices and herbs ideal for cooking any kindof meat poultry seafood or vegetables. Use it with any recipe calling for Curry Powder. For enhanced flavor add it sparingly to meat or pasta sauces gravies stews soups and stuffing mixes. To use it as a spice rub see Chef's Tips below. The package comes with chef tested recipes which if followed yield authentic dishes. A superb curry powder to have in your kitchen.
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