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Why Organic?

Why organic you say? 
Well it's quite simple. If you are interested in avoiding foods that contain fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals, then there is a simple solution….eat and buy organic. Organic foods are not made with dangerous, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or genetic engineering. Farmers do not use or feed hormones to animals to increase the growth production. Instead, they allow Mother Nature to take course and find healthier ways to enhance soil, water, and wildlife.
The organic foods we buy, sell, or eat follow a strict process, where standards must be met in order for farms to label their products "organic”. Water and soil testing are performed to ensure growers are meeting the expectations outlined by the USDA. Inspections are done to approve the methods used on the farms that encourage ecological balance and biodiversity. As farmers continue to grow crops in healthy soil, plants contain more nutrients, may be disease-resistant, and therefore healthier for our developing systems.
1. No pesticides
2. No synthetic growth or breeding hormones
3. No antibiotics
4. No GMOs
5. Animals raised in harmony with nature
6. Promotes biodiversity
7. Truer flavor
8. Builds healthier soils

For additional information on organic foods, please visit the links below:


Natural vs Organic
The term "organic” on a food product can only be used on products that are grown and produced according to the standards of the USDA. Simply stated, no harmful chemicals, never, ever! However, there is no legal definition of what the term "natural” means. Natural foods can include organic foods, but all natural foods are not organic.


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